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Polish aid supports pre-school education reform in Georgia

Joint efforts by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Educator Association have produced concrete results in the form of state-of-the-art classrooms and preparation of a team of instructional coaches.

For ten years, the Educator Association has been working closely with its local Georgian partner, the Civitas Georgica organization, and Polish experts from the Teachers’ Education Centre in Lomza.

Children playing in the kindergarten in Gori in Georgia @Children playing in the kindergarten in Gori in Georgia @Children in the kindergarten in Gori in Georgia @Educator Association

In September 2018, the association opened as many as 20 classrooms for pre-schoolers in seven Georgian municipalities. The rooms are fitted with modern teaching aids, methodology materials, and class kits. The materials and aids that have been provided will be an important tool helping to introduce new standards of pre-school education. Teachers are aware of the fact that investments in the education of small children foster their comprehensive intellectual and social development, which in turn determines their future path in education and life. 

The classrooms will not only be used for children’s classes, but will also host workshops and model classes for Georgian pre-school teachers.

Moreover, informational and educational support was provided to Georgian local governments to help them implement new standards of pre-school work as introduced by the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science.

The project “Support for the implementation of a new pre-school system in Georgia” has been co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Polish Aid programme.


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