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Polish aid in Molotkoviche

The Polish Embassy in Minsk, in cooperation with the State Educational Boarding School in Molotkoviche, is implementing a project titled “Social Inclusion of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities – Molotkoviche in Belarus.” The aim of the aid activities carried out in Belarus since 2014 is vocational activation and social inclusion of pupils attending a special school in Molotkoviche: children aged 7 to 18 years with intellectual disabilities.

Right now the special school in Molotkoviche provides schooling and boarding to 157 children with different degrees of intellectual disabilities who come from the Brest Oblast. Most of the school’s pupils are from low-income dysfunctional families. The status of more than 50 of the boarding school’s residents is that of orphaned children or children without parental care. The school in Molotkoviche runs an educational programme for its pupils where they can develop their social and communication skills, learn how to move around their residence and its surroundings, master simple household chores and learn how to use money (plan and do shopping).

Thanks to Polish aid different workshops (in pottery, carpentry, sewing, etc.) were set up in the school for its pupils. The current project provides for the modernisation of a construction workshop that will specialise in the production of paving tiles and setts, kerbs, and paving rims. Orders for products made by the school’s pupils will be placed in Pinsk (approximately 20 kilometres from Molotkoviche) where, as part of the project, a service point is planned to offer such services as document copying, lamination and binding, developing and framing of photographs, ceramic and tailoring and dressmaking products, and the production of paving tiles. Thanks to workshops organised with the help of Polish aid, the school’s pupils will be able to acquire vocational skills and learn self-sufficiency.

We invite you to watch a film made during this year’s visit to the school in Molotkoviche by Paweł Jessa, Counsellor at the Polish Embassy in Minsk.

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