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Polish aid for refugees in the Middle East

Confirmation of the very good relations between Poland and Jordan, support for the Jordanian authorities in the face of the Syrian crisis and inauguration of two projects financed under Polish development aid were the main goals of the Polish delegation’s visit to the Kingdom of Jordan.

“Jordan has shown huge mobilisation of funds and capacities and proved great solidarity by giving shelter to the elderly, ill and injured. Now, with more than a million refugees in Jordan, it expects greater support from the international community. We want to support the Jordanian authorities in aiding the refugees,” stressed Deputy Foreign Minister Joanna Wronecka, who headed the delegation.

Inauguration of two facilities financed under Polish development aid was a highlight of Deputy Minister Wronecka’s visit to Jordan. “I am glad that the Polish government could contribute to the opening of a surgery in Mafraq,” she said. The GP surgery in a Caritas Jordan centre has been equipped by the Polish MFA. “It is the only local centre that also provides medical services,” added the minister. More and more Syrian refugees receive assistance there.

The visit also saw the opening of a playground at a primary school in Ramtha. “Educational projects are the future. It is thanks to them that we are helping the young generation of Syrians to rebuild the future of their country. The playground will enable these children to do sport and live a normal life,” said the deputy chief of Polish diplomacy. Thanking for the Polish assistance, Jordan’s Deputy Education Minister Mohammed  Alakur stated that because of the war in Syria, over 150,000 Syrian children attend Jordanian schools. “They are treated the same way as Jordanian schoolchildren,” he stressed.

Poland provides assistance to Jordan’s local communities, including Syrian refugees, among others via grants from the Polish Embassy in Amman. In the recent years, the embassy has carried out 17 small grants involving development and humanitarian projects, which received financial support of EUR 232,000 from Poland. Moreover, in 2012-2014 the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to the Syrian crisis partially funded two projects to help the Syrian refugees, implemented by Caritas Poland in a Jordanian school in Mafraq. The MFA allocated nearly EUR 400,000 to these initiatives. The objective of Polish assistance is to spread education and enhance social integration of Syrian refugees’ children, as well as to support professional development of the Syrian youth who came to Jordan because of the conflict in their country.

For 2016, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a grant competition for humanitarian projects targeting among others internally displaced persons, refugees and local populations in Jordan, Lebanon and the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan. The winning applications will be announced in late January 2016. The total budget earmarked for this initiative is PLN 4 m.

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