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Polish Aid trains firefighters and rescuers in Georgia

For four years, the Main School of the Fire Service has been helping to build a new rescue structure as part of the Polish Aid programme. The work of our firefighters, their expertise, skills and professional standards serve as a model for Georgia.

In the second half of September this year, Polish instructors ran a training workshop in Tbilisi devoted to specialist rescue in critical infrastructure. Polish Ambassador to Georgia Mariusz Maszkiewicz took part in a ceremony which saw the presentation of certificates of completion to trainees, and the hand-over of fire training equipment, including Georgia’s first ever fire training container. 

Polish Ambassador to Georgia Mariusz Mackiewicz handing over fire training equipment Photo: Emergency Management Service of Georgia

Through its longstanding cooperation with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, (today: Emergency Management Service of Georgia), the Main School of the Fire Service has been supporting changes in state emergency management units. The main focus of cooperation has been on implementing European models of domestic security, and on protecting civilians against the impact of catastrophes, natural disasters and man-made threats. To prevent the threats described above, it is necessary not only to provide rescue units with appropriate technical equipment, but also to train them. To that end, the School has organized a training series for Georgian firefighters. The aim is to help create a specialist trainers’ corps. The trainees are also presented with fire training equipment they will need to conduct rescue exercises.

The project will result in setting up an effective system of training for Georgian rescuers, and management in the fire service. Using the support of Polish Aid, the Main School of the Fire Service has so far implemented schemes to foster specialist rescue at high altitudes, and in underground and critical infrastructure.



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