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Polish Aid supports tourism in Georgia

The number of tourists visiting Georgia is systematically growing. They are attracted to this part of the Caucasus by Georgian hospitality, delicious food and wine, beautiful mountains and marvellous nature. Recently opened direct flights to Tbilisi make this destination increasingly popular among Polish tourists. In addition, Georgians regard Poland as a trustworthy partner that is prepared to share its experiences with others. That is why Polish experts from different fields share their knowledge with their colleagues from the Caucasus in the framework of development cooperation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been co-financing different initiatives in the field of education, medicine, rehabilitation and tourism.  

Imereti, Megrelia and Racha regions

Cooperation with the ICAD Foundation, the Pro Motion Georgia and Tourism and Reality organisations, its local partners, and the local authorities has produced measurable benefits for the Imereti, Megrelia and Racha regions in the last four years. Training sessions, the creation and marking of tourist trails, as well as the production of promotional materials are only some of the initiatives that support local tourism.

In order to boost tourism in the Imereti and Racha regions, which are famous for their viniculture, and the vast Megrelia, known for its citruses and tea fields, new trekking trails were mapped out and the existing ones were redone to keep them legible. In addition, the best Georgian and Polish experts have trained over 100 inhabitants, mainly young people. This was done to prepare them to work as tourist guides, persons who handle tourist traffic or entrepreneurs running operations in the tourist industry. Fourteen farms and three wineries have benefitted from trainings in customer service and local product promotion in the regions and on social media.

Truso valley

The Truso valley is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. Because of its location at the foot of Mount Kazbek, it is visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year. The valley starts with a spectacular rocky gorge along the Terek river and ends with the Truso pass. Two roads lead to it, creating a walking loop accessible by foot, on horseback and by car. Wanting to ensure access to the tourist attractions offered by the Truso valley, a new trail through mountainous towns, the gorge and the Truso pass, as well as the historical Zakagori Complex were mapped thanks to Polish Aid. With the help of the Polish Embassy, the Truso valley is now accessible to more visitors wanting to enjoy its sights.

The Machakhela National Park

The Polish version of the National Geographic.pl[1] portal offers five reasons to see Adjara. Eco-tourism and the Machakhela National Park possessing the world’s unique natural resources is one of them.

Since 2018, Polish Aid together with Fundacja Ekorozwój (Foundation for Sustainable Development) has been supporting the authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. The first results of cooperation are already here. An information-education-promotion desk was opened in the building housing the management of the Machakhela National Park and 30 inhabitants of the region have been trained in how to develop agro-tourism. Visitors can also hike along newly designated tourist trails that run for approximately 26 kilometres. Small tourism infrastructure such as camping sites, sets of benches and tables, and information boards have also been installed on the park’s premises. Visitors can take in the beautiful sights offered by the Machakhela valley from vantage points especially designed for this purpose.  

If you plan to visit Georgia, you might like to look up the following websites designed as part of a Polish  Aid co-funded project:





For more information about the projects, go to: www.icadfoundation.org





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