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Poles support firemen in South Sudan

In Aweil (South Sudan) fire- and flood-fighting trainings are being carried out for firemen, they learn ia. how to secure places at risk of floods and how to provide first aid. The local fire brigade has also received necessary equipment to conduct rescue actions. The delivered equipment included a cross-country car, fire fighting gear and motopumps of total value amounting to PLN 169 000. In addition, a cooperation with the Centre for Space Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences has been established to develop a flood early warning system. A map of areas at risk of floods has been prepared and will be used for early risk analysis and population evacuation.

The firemen support is conducted in the scope of the project “Improving the capacity of Northern Bahr El-Ghazal Fire Brigade to response to floods and other disasters”, which is implemented by the Foundation Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM). The Aweil fire brigade is a partner in this project. Polish fire fighters will also take part in the project activities.

Media in South Sudan pay a lot of attention to the Polish project. Information about the firemen trainings and operations appeared in local news three times. The project also enjoyed coverage on PCPM's webpage. The total cost of the project amounts to PLN 614 324. It is co-financed in the framework of the Polish development aid program by the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs in 2013.

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