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Poland's humanitarian aid to Bangladesh

Poland backs the aid initiative for the victims of the Sidr cyclone. In the middle of November, Bangladesh suffered at the hands of cyclone ‘Sidr’ which caused the death of around 4 thousand people.

According to statistics, around 2 million people have found themselves without roofs over their heads. In response to international community appeals, as well as, the Bangladeshi authorities, Poland offered PLN 335 thousand (USD 120 thousand) in humanitarian aid through the National Red Crescent Society in Bangladesh. Donated as part of the humanitarian aid, the funds came from the government intended reserves in the budget which are administered by the Development Co-operation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

In 2007, Poland significantly increased its support in world humanitarian aid – from PLN 3,24 million (USD 1,16 million) in 2006, to PLN 4,07 million (USD 1,46 million) in 2007. Major beneficiaries of the assistance were:  Moldova, Sudan, the Palestinian National Authority, Afghanistan, Mexico, Bangladesh, Peru, Korea, China and Burma. More information is available on the site dedicated to Polish humanitarian aid.

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