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Poland shares its experience of how to carry out local government reform with Ukraine

Poland supports Ukraine in the implementation of its local government reform in cooperation with the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (FRDL). One of its objectives is to implement a participatory model of strategic planning in the hromadas.

Thanks to the Polish side’s involvement, the strategic planning capabilities  of local authorities and NGOs is to be strengthened in 20 hromadas across Central-Northern and Western Ukraine, in five oblasts: Chernihiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Sumy, and Lviv.

In the opinion of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy, the Development Strategy is not only a document setting out the basic lines of action for local government institutions, but also a plan for the development of the local community as a whole. That is why it is so important to develop a local consensus  on the provisions of the Strategy and to agree on the scope and modalities for involving a wide range of stakeholders in its implementation process.

 During the implementation in 2018 of the first module of the Polish Aid project to support  local government reform, three Strategic Team meetings were held, a social survey was carried out, and study visits to Poland were organised. The second module will feature a discussion about the objectives of hromada development and the preparation of a strategy management plan and a plan for the implementation of public consultations that will help to  disseminate the strategy document. It is also important to further clarify some of the tasks and benchmarks that will become part of the Hromada Development Strategy.

The FRDL carries out the project in collaboration with Ukrainian partners: European Dialogue (Lviv), the Creative Centre Charity Foundation (Kyiv), the Siversk Institute for Regional Studies (Chernihiv), the Bureau of Policy Analysis, an NGO (Sumy), and the Synergia Local and Regional Development Fund, a charity organisation (Poltava). This cooperation will also result in the establishment of a centre of knowledge and dissemination of good practices in strategic planning, to support Ukraine in its decentralisation reform.


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