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Poland’s neigbourly support for implementation of Ukraine-EU association agreement

Despite high level of support for the EU and the European integration among Ukrainian society, the knowledge about the EU and the benefits of EU-Ukraine cooperation is not that common. One of the reasons is the lack of information on the ongoing processes between EU and Ukraine, particularly on the implementation of the Ukraine-EU association agreement and the resulting modernization of Ukraine, and the change it will make to the life of an average Ukrainian.

Poland supports Ukrainian efforts to meet the requirements of the Ukraine-EU association agreement. In the framework of Polish development cooperation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Solidarity Fund PL and the Ukrainian Lion Society identify the areas of Ukrainians’ lives where changes are necessary to make the European integration process successful. In the first half of July, the cities of Vinnytsia and Ternopil hosted meetings devoted to European integration held under the title “Ukraine in Europe”. The meetings are part of the project “Regional media as European integration processes activator in Ukraine”.

One of them, “Vinnytsia for clean environment, ‘no’ to plastic”, was dedicated to environmental protection. Ukrainian media, NGOs, the “Warsaw” supermarket chain, the head master and the youth from the Murovani Kurylivtsi sanatorium school discussed key aspects of the use of plastics in the context of environmental protection. EU member states will ban disposable plastic packaging from 2021. The Ukrainian initiative aims to make people living in Vinnytsia and in the region aware of the environmental dangers of the excessive use of plastics. The debate was attended by businessmen, representatives of environmental organisations, children, university students and city authorities. The meeting ended in a joint memorandum to promote environmental protection and the use of non-plastic packaging.

The topic of the Ternopil meetings, on the other hand, was “how to develop the area around the Ternopil Lake and castle drawing on European examples”. The talks between the city authorities, environmental and urban planning NGOs and NGOs’ experts from Lviv and Vinnytsia were moderated by the journalists of the local TV4 channel from Ternopil. The aim of the debate was to look into the development issues of the area around the Ternopil Lake, which is the centre for both the city and tourism. The participants discussed the actions taken by the city authorities so far to develop the area around the lake and the possible improvements. The city authorities cooperate with the two Polish cities of Olsztyn and Poznan. The cooperation focuses on the development of lake areas and castle renovation. Besides, the city inhabitants and children from eastern Ukraine joined the Lake Festival, a celebration which the city authorities decided to hold annually.

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