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Podkarpackie aids development of Kakhetia Region by supporting of business environment institution in Kakhetia Region

The project was addressed to groups that foster the economic development of the Georgian Kakheti Region, with a particular focus on the representatives of the administration and business institutions as well as economic entities from this region. Kakheti has a high unemployment rate, an oversized agricultural sector, low economic competitiveness in comparison with the EU and a poorly developed structure for enterprise support offered by business institutions. It is hoped that these barriers to economic growth within the region might be overcome by garnering enterprise support through stronger cooperation between business institutions and administrative authorities and enterprises, and also through the exchange of experience and transfer of similar practices for the purpose of raising the region’s competitiveness and supporting the development of a knowledge-based economy.

Podkarpackie aids development of Kakhetia Region by supporting of business environment institution in Kakhetia Region

From 28 February to 31 December 2013, the Podkarpackie Voivodeship implemented the project entitled “Podkarpackie aids development of the Kakheti Region through the support of business institutions in the Kakheti Region”. On the Georgian side, the project partners were the Administration of the Governor of the Kakheti Region and the Kakheti Regional Development Agency. The national partners supporting the Voivodeship in the execution of the project tasks were the Industrial-Trade Chamber in Rzeszow and the Podkarpackie Association of Winemakers.

Within the project framework, the Polish-Georgian Support and Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre was established in Telavi. The centre is a consultation, information and promotion point for entrepreneurs and potential investors. Project funds were used to buy equipment and furniture for the interior, hire a maintenance worker and set up a website.

In accordance with the project assumptions, a study visit took place involving the participation of seven administration and business institution representatives from the Kakheti Region. Moreover, in four cities within the region (Telavi, Gurjaani, Kvareli and Signaghi), Polish-Georgian enterprise days were organised together with the national project partners, where more than 70 participants (entrepreneurs from the wine industry for the most part and people interested in setting up businesses) learned about running a business and economic cooperation within the European Union and the EU wine market. From a long-term perspective, implementation of the project aims to raise the region’s competitiveness and economic attractiveness, which will help raise the standard of living of its residents.