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National report on global education in Poland

On February 4 2010 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education organized the official presentation of the "national report on global education in Poland". The report sums up  a peer review of global education  in Poland, conducted in 2009  at the initiative of the MFA'S Development Cooperation Department  and in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, by the Global Education network Europe (GENE) - a network of ministries, agencies and other institutions  responsible at national level for global education in Europe. In the process of the peer reviews, GENE evaluates global education efforts in the respective countries and proposes the directions of  their future  development. To date, peer reviews have been conducted in Cyprus, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Norway. The conclusions and recommendations for each country are issued in the form of a report.

The official presentation of the Polish report was held with the participation of Mr Krzysztof Stanowski, Under Secretary of State at the MNE, Mr Marek Ziółkowski, Director of the Development Cooperation Department of the MFA, Ms Klaudia Wojciechowska, Head of the NGO and Youth Section, at the MNE Social Communication Department.  Review observations and recommendations concerning the further development of global education in Poland were presented by Mr Eddie O'Loughlin (GENE Secretariat) and by Mr Helmuth Hartmeyer, a GENE expert from the Austrian Development Agency.

The MFA and the MNE were the national partners of the review in Poland.  Representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of the Environment, the Education Development Center, Warsaw University, the Special Pedagogy Academy and numerous NGOs also took part in consultations with GENE experts.

The peer review affirmed the significant progress achieved in global education in Poland, particularly over the past five years. It acknowledged and commended the strategic approach and vision displayed by the MFA and the MNE and the long-term commitment to global education of the NGO sector. The review praised the achievements of the MFA in establishing the basis for a sound structure of annual global education funding.  The GENE experts also  highlighted the important opportunities created  by the ongoing curriculum reform in Poland. The Polish example might well become an international model for integrating global and formal education. However, further strengthening, support for and development of new measures is also advised.  The partners engaged in global education should make use of all the current opportunities and prepare the global education sector for future, effective activity.

During the official presentation of the report,  Under Secretary K. Satanowski underlined that young people should recognize their responsibilities towards other countries, since we were not an isolated island. Thus, social, economic and environmental problems in one part of the world affected the situation in other countries.

Director M. Ziółkowski noted that global education should become  part of Polish political thought. He affirmed that the MFA was open to dialog and cooperation with other partners for the purpose of promoting and strengthening global education in Poland.

Global Education in Poland - GENE report


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