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Multiplying Decent Work – Decent Life!

The projects is based on the belief that social justice and fair globalisation cannot be implemented without building the sense of supra-national solidarity. To achieve that, we should draw upon universal experiences that are common to all people regardless of their ethnicity, sex, place of residence or faith. Both the residents of the affluent North and the residents of the global South share the experience of every day work, of wishing for fair working conditions that will translate into a dignified life for themselves and their families.

The activities provided for in the project help to combat key challenges of the modern world – ensuring just working and living conditions for all people. They refer to the Decent Work Agenda that has been implemented by the International Labour Organisation since 1999.

The 'Decent Work - Decent Life" is addressed to the society in general (to adults), in particular as regards persons that wish to improve their knowledge on the social consequences of globalisation: representatives of the NGO and labour sectors, independent trade union and social activists, students, journalists and consumers (including Internet users).

Multiplying Decent Work – Decent Life!

The project is implemented by the Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network in cooperation with the Clean Clothes Poland Coalition. It will be held in the period from 23 May to 31 December 2014 all over the country.

The objective of the project is to train a qualified network of multipliers, who will contribute to popularising the UN Decent Work Agenda through its professional and social activity. The ranks of future multipliers will include e.g. representatives of NGOs, trade unions and independent social activists.

A key role in the project will be played by meetings with experts from the global South – Bangladesh and Cambodia – who will share their experiences regarding e.g. working in factories where consumer goods are manufactured and the measures to improve employment standards. They will enable project beneficiaries to share experiences directly, to overcome stereotypes, to learn the attitudes of employees from the global South, to think about the global dependencies critically, and to indicate that cooperation between the North and the South is possible, thus strengthening the international solidarity.

The meetings and the training courses will take place in Kraków, Warsaw and in Łódź, and multi-media tools and contents available online will make the project results available to a more extensive group of recipients. Trainings for multiplicators will take place in Kraków, with half of the participants coming from other voivodships.

Multiplying Decent Work – Decent Life!

The information about the training was send to groups of potential beneficiaries: NGOs which work in the field of development and human rights, labor organizations, independent social activists, students of social and economic science. Sixty-three people had applied for the workshops, from whom 17 participants were chosen, who vary regarding to age (from 23 to 55 years old) and line of business (people from labor, academic and NGOs communities).

During the trainings they talked about social, economic and environmental aspects of globalization, the situation of employees and work conditions in Global South countries, trade unions and the future of labor world in the local and global perspective. The trainings were held in 4 2-day modules between September and December 2013 in Cracow.

The workshop participants showed an interest in Fair Trade issues, that is the ethical aspects of producing coffee, tea or cocoa.  An important element of the training was the meeting with activists  of labor rights in clothing business from Cambodia, who talked about progress in implementing labor rights and about challenges that they have to face in their country.

For the purpose of spreading the effects of the training, participants prepared initiatives promoting the issues of dignified labor in four thematic groups: public events, actions in media, support for the employees and education. The purpose of the initiatives is to promote the issues regarding the project through various methods of communication such as photos, videos, discussion panels, workshops and happenings, which are aimed at different receivers, for example students, internet users, employers. The initiatives should be carried out till the end of first half of 2015.

Project implementers organized 5 meetings with experts from Bangladesh and Cambodia in May and October. Four meetings were held in Cracow and Warsaw, two for each city, and one, organized additionally because of interest in the topic, in Łódź. Guests talked about, inter alia, the situation of workers, strikes, insufficient remunerations and the position of women in a conservative society.

For the purpose of project’s promotion, implementers created an interactive map which illustrates the level of remunerations and main infringements of workers’ rights in Global South and  Middle-East Europe countries. They also distributed handouts for the multiplicators, on which they introduced ways of engaging in activists’ actions and clues on sustainable production and consumption. Within the scope of the project, on website www.ekonsument.pl 10 articles were published. The articles are contributed to issues of dignified labor. Project was also promoted in social media: Kupuj Odpowiedzialnie and Clean Clothes Polska campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.