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Multimedia library in Moshi

One of the problems of Tanzania is limited access to public education and its poor quality. Underinvestment in education, affects also the poor preparation of teaching staff. According to the UNICEF statistics 12% of men and 14% of women (aged 15 - 24 years) cannot read nor write (see source).

The project was implemented in the period 15th June – 31st December 2013, while the volunteer was in Tanzania from 26th August to 2nd December 2013. The contractor of the project (the sending organization) was the Foundation "Cultures of the World", and the local partner (the host organization) was the Mawenzi Teachers' Resource Centre.

The main aim of the project was to increase educational opportunities in the city and district of Moshi, by strengthening the Mawenzi Teachers' Resource Centre. The Centre benefits from the support of the Polish development aid since 2008, when the project ‘TEHAMA - computer technology as the key to the development of the region Kilimanjaro’ established a computer lab and renovated part of the training rooms. In 2012, as a part of another project, the Centre was equipped with a multimedia library with KOHA software, designed for library management. Because the Centre’s staff required a comprehensive training to work on this software, the basic activity of the volunteer was to assist employees of the library in the implementation of the mentioned library computer system. In addition, the volunteer undertook the promotion of the latest technology in teaching and learning, among teachers and students of primary and secondary schools in Moshi.

The volunteer carried out actions to promote reading and library activities especially among children and adolescents (e.g. establishment of children's library, movie workshops, videoconferences, art competitions, etc.). She also organized a seminar for teachers on the reading promotion in the world, with ideas for implementation in the region, as well as developed a brochure on the subject in English and Swahili. The brochure was distributed to 50 schools in the district. After returning to Poland, the volunteer prepared a lesson plan and educational package in Swahili with multimedia information materials on education in Tanzania, which was subsequently delivered to approximately 400 schools in Poland.