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Multiannual framework


Pursuant to the Development Cooperation Act of 16th September 2011, the Council of Ministers adopts by way of resolution a Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme that covers a period of at least four years. This programme defines the geographical and thematic goals and priorities of the Polish development co-operation system.

The project of the programme is created by the MFA, evaluated by the Development Cooperation Policy Council and undergoes public consultations.  

Work on the project of the first multiannual program began in February, 2011. Social partners, independent experts and representatives of a number of ministries were also involved in creating this Programme. On March 20, the Council of Ministers adopted the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for 2012-2015.

The second Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme covers a period of five years, namely the years 2016-2020. The duration of the Programme has been prolonged to five years in order to improve predictability and effectiveness of the Polish assistance. It will also allow to conduct a partial mid-term review of the Programme. Furthermore, the Programme will be time-coherent with the EU financial perspective until 2020.

A Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme is elaborated by annual Development Cooperation Plans. Documents forming the formal framework of the “Polish aid” Programme are available in section: Framework Documents.


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