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Modernization of water supply system in Kara-Dyykan village

Project responded to a problem of insufficient supply of potable water in the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan. Available statistics concerning this issue are worrying. According to official data:

  • only 33% of villages has an all-day access to potable water;
  • 13% of villages has water supply between 4 and 12 hours a day;
  • some 30% of villages has water supply for less than 4 hours a day;
  • 22% of villages (390 villages) has no access to clean water.

One of the villages which faced the problem of water scarcity is Kara-Dyykan located in Osh Region in southern Kyrgyzstan. The village is populated by 6 711 inhabitants, who had been waiting for the water supply network for 18 years. During the 3-year project an all-day access to potable water was provided to the entire village. In cooperation with the Central Asian Alliance for Water the surroundings of the spring, which is the source of water supply for the village, has been cleaned up. Thanks to this treatment, the efficiency of the water intake has increased. Also, the chlorination building was modernized, and the installation of new devices in it allowed water to be of adequate quality.

Project’s total value reached nearly 115 000 pln, while Polish Aid financing exceeded 81 500 pln (for the purpose of conversion 1 euro = 4,1749 pln).