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Modern economical lighting - a step to improve the image of Balaniwka village

Balanivkais a villageinBershad Raion in Vinnytsia oblast, Ukraine. Balanivka’s most urgent need is to have its street lighting repaired, thus reducing the costs of electricity consumption.

High operating costs, and insufficient funds for street lighting repair and day-to-day expenses mean that only 35% of the village’s street lamps are in operation, all of them running on technologies that are 50 or more years old – decrepit, broken and low-powered, with corroded lampposts. Such state of affairs poses a considerable threat to the residents of Balanivka, who travel the roads on foot, especially in the autumn and winter season. It also negatively affects the village’s image.

Modern economical lighting - a step to improve the image of Balaniwka village

The project was carried out between 1 April – 30 November 2014 in the village of Balanivka, Ukraine, and in the Morawica Commune, the implementing entity. The Ukraine – Poland – Germany international association and the village of Balanivka were the local partners.

The project renovated public and park lighting in the centre of Balanivka, using energy-saving technologies. Its goal was also to improve the village’s aesthetic qualities by acquiring advanced and economical light illuminations and Christmas tree lamps. Other measures involved raising the residents’ awareness of energy savings.

The project relied on the experiences of the Morawica Commune in implementing advanced, energy-saving technologies in public utility services. The project envisaged running an educational campaign to promote saving energy among Balanivka residents, including a series of training and study visits to build awareness of energy saving among the authorities and inhabitants of the village of Balanivka and Bershad Raion.

Project beneficiaries included the residents of Balanivka and people responsible for public lighting in Balanivka, Bershad Raion, Vinnytsia oblast, Ukraine.

The project contributed to the fulfilment of priority 2 – Regional development and capacity building of public and local administration, as part of the “Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2012 – 2015.” It furthermore contributed to reaching the Eighth Millennium Development Goal – Developing a global partnership for development by making available the benefits of new technologies.

Modern economical lighting - a step to improve the image of Balaniwka village

The project upgraded street and park lighting in the village of Balanivka, which improved its residents’ safety and reduced their electricity costs. In addition to that, the project raised the awareness of the village’s residents, including the local authorities, about energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The project replaced street lights in the centre of Balanivka, installed park lights at the Monument of WWII Heroes, Historical Museum of Balanivka and Village Council Office, and purchased energy-saving lights for Christmas trees outside the Balanivka Village Council Office as well as Christmas illuminations.