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"Mobile Culture Center" the cycle of activities for social-cultural development in the marginalized Massafer Yatta region in the Hebron District, West Bank

The project was implemented between 15 July and 15 December 2011 in the villages of Susya, Mufaggara and Umm Al- Kher in the region of Massafer Yatta (Hebron district, Palestinian National Authority), and counted with participation of one volunteer, who worked there from 15 July to 2 November. The coordinator of the project was the Polish Centre for International Aid, and the local partner was the Dar Qandeel for Arts and Culture.

The aim of the project was a cultural activity in three villages of the region, which would extend the area of social contact and artistic activities between the residents of the marginalised region, and the representatives of cultural institutions and artists from other parts of the West Bank. The project involved also strengthening of a network of local cultural centres, and activation of local volunteers.

As part of the project, the volunteer organised 14 socio-cultural activities (two artistic workshops for children, workshops with Klanza scarf, a concert, two theatre shows, a circus show, a football competition, two exhibitions and a children’s festival). Approx. 200 people participated in those activities. He also organised two study visits in Tulkarem, attended by 17 local volunteers.

As part of the global education component, the coordinator organised 5 meetings in 5 Polish cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice), including presentation of footage collected by the volunteer, and the exhibition of Palestinian political posters. 300 CD were distributed among the participants.