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Minister for Development Cooperation

On 27th November 2015 the Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski appointed - on behalf of the Prime Minister Beata Szydło - Mrs. Joanna Wronecka as Undersecretary of State at the MFA.

Deputy Minister Joanna Wronecka is a diplomat and graduate of the Faculty of Arabic Studies of the University of Warsaw. In 1985, she successfully defended her doctoral thesis in Arab-Muslim philosophy at the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Warsaw. She took part in scholarship programmes in Algeria, Egypt and France.

Joanna Wronecka has worked in the foreign service since 1993, moving up the career ladder from an expert, through the position of adviser to the minister, head of section, deputy director and director of the department, up to the post of ambassador. In 1996-1998, she was deputy director of the Department of the United Nations System, and from 1998 to 1999 director of the Department of Africa and the Middle East. In 2003-2005 she held the position of the Minister’s Secretariat Director. For four years (1999-2003) she served as ambassador in Cairo, and in 2005-2010 ambassador in Rabat.

In September 2010, the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy appointed Ambassador Joanna Wronecka as Head of Delegation of the European Union in Amman, Jordan. Since September 2015, she served as adviser for Arab states, the Middle East peace process and Iran issues in the Department of Africa and the Middle East.

On the day of her appointment Deputy Minister Joanna Wronecka assumed post of the Undersecretary of State for Development Cooperation, Africa and the Middle East. She supervises Department of Development Cooperation and Department of Africa and the Middle East. As National Coordinator for Development Cooperation she is also President of the Development Cooperation Policy Council.

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