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Migration, Development and Human Rights

Migration, Development and Human Rights - Towards a Changing Paradigm in EU Development Policies[1]

The panellists called for adopting a global approach to migration and interpreting this term as broadly as possible. They pointed out that migration policy should be addressed not only to persons on the move, but also to their families, "street children" and migrant workers, including people employed as household workers. An outline of the current EU strategy was provided (i.e. GAMM 2011, an extension of GAM 2005[2]). It was based on the following priorities: reducing illegal migration and eliminating it altogether in the long run; preventing cases of human trafficking; promoting mobility; linking migration to development and ensuring secure international migration. Mobility should become part of PCD in action. GAMM 2011 extends the scope of interest to all non-EU countries. At the same time, it emphasizes the need to empower migrants, include diasporas in drafting migration legislation, ensure diasporas better access to funding, develop an information system on travel safety, migration and conditions in the destination country. NGOs sitting on the panel recommended that migration policy should take into account the following elements: the human dimension (focusing on the most "vulnerable" migrant groups and human rights); introducing rules to discipline those Member States that have violated EU regulations (the Italian case - Lampedusa and North African migrants during the Arab Spring) and reducing the application of the security approach.


[1] Organizers: European Network on Migration and Development (EUNOMAD), SOLIDAR, Red Cross, Terre des Hommes International Federation. Panellists: Robertus Rozenburg (DG Home Affairs), Traoré Mamadou (Red Cross, Mali), Federica Giannotta (Terres des Hommes, Italy), Ignacio Packer (Terres des Hommes International Federation), Michael Oberreuter (SOLIDAR), Charito Basa (EUNOMAD, Italy), Pascale Charhon (EUNOMAD). Moderator: Shada Islam (Friends of Europe).

[2] GAM - Global Approach to Migration, 13.12.2005; GAMM - The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility, 18.11.2011.

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