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Medical mission in Republic of Zambia

The project lasted for five months and a half, from 15 June to 31 December 2013. The volunteers, medical students, stayed in Zambia for 3 months, from 29 June to 27 September. Activities related to the project were carried out in the Makeni parish located on the outskirts of Lusaka and in surrounding rural areas. After returning to Poland, in the frame of an educational initiative, the participants of the project hosted meeting and lectures and published an article in the monthly “Poznaj Świat” (No. 11/2013).

The implementer of the project (the sending organization) was Polish Medical Mission, and the local partner (the hosting organization) was the Parish of Christ the Redeemer in Makeni.


The main beneficiaries of the project activities were children, including orphans, as well as sick people staying in the parish and neighboring areas. The project was dedicated to several groups of people, including pupils attending the parish school, the residents of the “Salvation Home”, and the homeless youth. Additionally, a number of inhabitants of surrounding villages were offered basic medical care.

The basic assumption of the project was providing volunteer-administered aid in the frame of home visits and outpatient care in the basic medical care points. It made it possible to help patients who otherwise would not be able to seek medical assistance due to high transport and treatment costs.

The direct aims of the project included carrying out screenings which aim at detecting illness at an early stage and making it possible to provide early medical interventions as well as providing basis medical supplies in case of emergencies. Direct medical assistance was accompanied by health education, which had a form of trainings in the field of hygiene and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.