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Medical and educational support for clinics Holy Spirit in Maggotty in Jamaica

Maggotty is a small city located in one of the poorest regions in Jamaica, in the heart of the tropical forest, which does not support development. Unemployment in the city reaches 70%. High illiteracy level makes access to primary health information very limited. Difficult economic situation makes it difficult for the residents to go to a doctor to a distant city. The nuns built a clinic to provide on-going medical care to the local population, but in order for it to function efficiently, they need medical personnel and doctors.

The objective of the project is to support the activity of the nuns as regards medical care and to promote knowledge related to hygiene and prevention of civilization diseases among the residents of Maggotty and its vicinity. The project continues the measures implemented in Jamaica in 2012 by three doctors, volunteers from Bydgoszcz.

Medical and educational support for clinics Holy Spirit in Maggotty in Jamaica

The project is implemented from 1 July to 31 December 2014 in the Holy Spirit Parish in Maggotty in Jamaica (Santa Cruz, Maggotty and neighbouring villages).

The Polish Medical Mission association is the project contractor, while the Holy Spirit Parish in Maggotty, Jamaica, is the local partner.

The main objective of these measures in to provide on-going medical assistance to the residents of the of the Maggotty area by three doctors and one paramedic and to conduct pro-health education, which fits in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals 4, 5 and 6.

The volunteers provide medical assistance in the clinics indicated by the nuns from Maggotty (4 days a week) and during home visits (1 day a week) and if necessary, during the weekend. They exam the patients, they perform available laboratory tests, they diagnose patients, they start or continue treatment, they also monitor the course of treatment and whether the patients adhere to the medical recommendations. In order to increase the health awareness of the residents and in order for them to appreciate the significance of primary prevention, the volunteers also conduct classes on first aid, preventing sexually transmitted diseases, preventing civilization diseases and the harmful character of tobacco products, which should have a real and long-term impact on improving the health of Maggotty's residents and on changes in their approaches to taking care about their health.

The target group is composed of the residents of the Maggotty region that require medical assistance and education in pro-health conduct.

Medical and educational support for clinics Holy Spirit in Maggotty in Jamaica

Within the framework of the project, volunteers provided medical recommendations in regions of Maggotty, Santa Cruz and Seaford Town in Jamaica, both in health centers and during home visits. Volunteers actions should contribute to improving the quality of patient’s life and result in prolonging their lives. Thanks to volunteers’ stay in Jamaica, it was possible to increase the access to basic medical care for people lacking it every day.

During project implementation, volunteers provided medical recommendations to approximately 4000 patients, carried out group trainings in several thematic scopes and individual trainings for each needing patient. Within the scope of the project, handouts concerning chosen health problems were created, which clinic employees can print depending on demand. Volunteers also helped in opening another clinic, managed with help of Sisters from Maggotty.

Moreover, for the medical personnel in the health center, volunteers prepared and carried out trainings on following topics: “First aid and conduct in urgent situations”, “Conscious planning of the family. Preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted disease”, “Modern-age diseases”, “Rules of hygiene”, during which the youngest children received sponges shaped as a ducks, “Rules of providing first aid”, “Cardio – pulmonary resuscitation for children”, “Conduct in the case of fracture and bleeding” and “Intubation and restoring patency using utensils and without them”. Thanks to the trainings, the level of medical knowledge of the local community had risen.

During implementation of the project, volunteers had been writing a blog with the elements of videoblog, thanks to which they contributed to promoting the idea of volunteering and actions implemented within the framework of Polish aid.