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Medical and educational support for Holy Spirit Clinic in Maggotty in Jamaica - continuation of the project 1310/2011

The project was implemented between 1 July and 31 December 2012 in Maggotty (Jamaica) and counted with participation of two volunteers who stayed there respectively from 22 September to 22 December 2012, and 30 September 2012 to 15 January 2013. The coordinator of the project was the Foundation of Humanitarian Aid "Redemptoris Missio", and the local partner was the Holy Spirit Clinic.

The project was a continuation of activities completed in the previous year, and its aim was medical and educational support of the health clinic in Maggotty. The volunteers achieved it through everyday medical care on-site, visiting bedridden patients at home in surrounding villages, and educational activities. Moreover, the volunteers performed 24-hour shifts, in order to attend emergency patients.

As part of the first element of the project, the span of medical activities covered consultations, maintaining medical documentation, laboratory tests, ECG and regular check-ups of children, as well as administration of drugs and minor surgical procedures. Throughout this part of the project, volunteers attended a total of 3,312 patients.

Another component consisted of weekly home visits to bedridden, paralysed or elderly patients.

Last part of the project was the education activity, involving organisation of meetings about treating diabetes type 2, and everyday consultations in the clinic. The meetings were intended to emphasise the potential risks of untreated diabetes, presenting serious complications and presenting ways of dealing with this illness. A total of 120 people attended those meetings.

The project, as a continuation of previously completed activities, contributed to ensure continuity of medical care in Maggotty, and therefore helped more patients than over the previous year.