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Medical Mission to Paraguay

The project was performed in the Republic of Paraguay. A major part of the activities focused on the region around the village of Guarambare (in the central part of Paraguay). Beneficiaries of the project, i.e. residents of the slum areas and districts, were provided with medical care. Project activities were partly performed in “another” part of Paraguay called “Chaco Paraguayo”, mainly among Maskoy, Guarani and Ayoreo Indians. The project base in Chaco was located in a post-industrial city Puerto Casado.

The basic problem of the poorest residents living around the village is the limited access to medical services with no access to medical care at all in Chaco. The project of the Medical Mission to Paraguay has its own history. The project has been performed for 5 years now, since 2015 under the Volunteering Polish Aid Programme.

Medical Mission to Paraguay

During the period from 10 July until 31 December 2015, the Silesian Medical Mission Association “To-Misja” in cooperation with the Order of Friars Minor Conventual from Kraków performed a project to deliver medical assistance - by doctors and nurses. The project was performed in Guarambare, a locality in Central Paraguay and Puerto Casado in Chaco Paraguayo in Paraguay. The project directly covered 4,500 persons in the age between 1 month and 103 years.

The project directly referred to the following Millennium Development Goals:

  • Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women;
  • Goal 5: Improve maternal health;
  • Goal 6: Combat AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

The above mentioned goals were achieved by education, medical treatment, providing care, distribution of medicaments.

Medical Mission to Paraguay

During the period from 19 October until 12 December 2015, a group of 4 medical volunteers stayed in Paraguay while providing medical treatment, caring for patients and distributing medicaments.

Project activities covered consultations by doctors and nurses, home visits by a team of nurses, meetings on health education and distribution of medicaments and dressings. Volunteers met with beneficiaries every day.

Activities by doctors and nurses contributed to the improvement of health and comfort of life for a large number of beneficiaries, and in consequence to the long-term feeling of bio-psycho-social welfare.