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"Mbingu na Dunia - Mavuno ya Mvua" (Heaven and Earth - Water Harvest) - complex system for harvesting, treatment and retention of rain and ground water for educational and medical institutions in Kiabakari

The project was implemented on the premises of an educational and medical institution, consisting of a kindergarten, a primary school and a health center, belonging to the local partner of the project, i.e. the Catholic parish in Kiabakari. A significant obstacle was lack of access to water, including water for hygienic purposes. The problem became greater especially during the dry season and forced the staff to bring water from a town located 30 km away, which negatively influenced effective use of their working time. Moreover, insufficient amount of water for hygienic purposes led to the increased risk of diseases among students and patients.

In order to solve this problem, the Kiabakari Foundation suggested building a complex system of drawing, purifying and retaining rainwater and source water. In the frame of the project, which was implemented since the beginning of March till the end of December 2013, using a special system of gutters, water purifiers, 3 concrete tanks and 10 plastic tanks, an opportunity of storing rainwater, which flows practically from the whole roof surface (3 500 m2) and after purification is stored in storage reservoirs, was created.  Moreover, a deep water well, which protects access to water in case of lack of rainfall, was dug.

Thanks to the created system, access to water during the dry season was provided, with no necessity of replenishing the reserves. A surplus of retained water may be given to local society. Lack of water is no longer a threat to the functioning of the health center nor to the welbeing of it's patients. Hygienic needs of 240 pupils of the primary school and the kindergarten were secured. Moreover, gaining access to potable water made it was possible to prepare meals for children on the premises of the institution.