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Manufacture of bread and jam

The Komarovo village is situated in an agricultural area that is very attractive for tourists. The village faces serious problems caused by the land use structure (consolidated ownership - the legacy of post State Agricultural Farms) and high migration of teenagers to cities. Jobs in the Myadzyel District are  created primarily by 15 big agricultural undertakings (kolkhozes) with a varied level of profitability. The average remuneration in kolkhozes, which do not generate losses, does not exceed EUR 100-150 a month. The lack of experience in developing individual farms and a low level of private initiative have adversely impacted the prospects for developing the region. The lack of prospects for young people pushes them to move to bigger urban centres.

Therefore, it is essential to stop the process of migration from villages to cities, which is possible if people are offered appropriate working conditions, remuneration and life at a level similar to the one in urban centres. The directions of developing entrepreneurship in rural areas constitute a significant component in achieving the foregoing goal. One of the solutions is to develop micro- and small enterprises (e.g. the processing of agricultural products), services, agri-tourism and other types of entrepreneurship other than farming.

The “Manufacture of bread and jam” project is fully in line with long-term priorities for developing Belarus included in the “Belarus National Strategy of Social and Economic Development 2030” and other governmental programmes: “Agro-Industry in Belarus 2016-2020”, “Belarusian Entrepreneurship 2016-2020”, “Innovative Development 2016-2020” (the “Innovative biotechnologies” programme). Its beneficiaries will include the local community of Komarovo.

Manufacture of bread and jam

The project is scheduled to be implemented from 1 July to 31 December 2016, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Minsk and its local partner, the Centre for Agricultural Entrepreneurship Development “Komarovo”.

The primary objective of the project is to develop entrepreneurship in the Komarovo village by creating the “Manufacture of bread and jam”. The activities of the Manufacture will help increase the income generated by the village and the entire region by obtaining, processing and selling organic food, produced from local varieties of crops and apples.

 The “Manufacture of bread and jam” will be based on several modules: bakery, jam and povidla production, traditional sale, organic food. As part of this project, the rooms of the future bakery will be modernised and provided with specialist equipment. The “Manufacture of bread and jam” will contribute to the creation of new jobs and a local product.

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Minsk has already initiated a cooperation between the Centre for Agricultural Entrepreneurship Development “Komarovo” and the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Podlaskie Voivodeship (URMPV). The URMPV declared that it would support the development and implementation of a promotional strategy for local products, based on its own experience.

When implemented, this project will facilitate agricultural development pertaining to other aspects than agri-tourism and then taking actions to build and promote the brand of local food products. The residents of the Komarovo village and individual farmers, fruit growers, craftsmen and owners of agri-tourism farms from the Myadzyel District will be the final beneficiaries of the project.

The value of the project amounted to approximately PLN 273,000 (EUR 65,400) and was fully covered by the Polish Aid's funds. For the purposes of calculation, the following exchange rate was applied: EUR 1 = PLN 4.1749.

Manufacture of bread and jam

The project was implemented from 27 July to 31 December 2016. As part of the project, the bakery building was modernised, inter alia, the roof was repaired, windows were replaced and tiles were laid. Specialist bakery equipment was purchased, including a rotary oven, a flour sifter and dough forming machines. It was not until 2017 that the “Manufacture of bread and jam” began its operation, due to the delayed modernisation of the bakery building and the purchase of equipment.

Approximately 500 residents of Komarovo and the Svirski Village Council for the Myadzyel District, Minsk Oblast, especially farmers and fruit growers, are the main beneficiaries of the project. The residents and local enterprises were asked to participate in the modernisation of the bakery. Ultimately, the bakery is to hire 3 employees and purchase its primary products from about 4-5 local producers.