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Make the link. Science challenging poverty

The main objective of the project were actions for the incorporation of global education topics to the scope of material covered in educational institutions within exact sciences. The purpose of these efforts is to increase the awareness of global interrelations (with emphasis on the countries of the Global South). The beneficiaries of this project included teachers of exact and natural sciences in key stage 3 and 4 (junior and senior high schools, 13–19 year old pupils) and their students.

A research was conducted within the project, entitled ‘How to incorporate global perspective to the teaching of exact sciences’, which was summarised in the form of a report. Ten pieces of educational resources were prepared and published, as well as one publication containing 6 exercises subject to a pilot study (in 1 000 copies), 10 educational videos in Polish and a multimedia presentation, aimed at encouraging the incorporation of the global perspective in the teaching of exact and natural sciences. A workshop entitled ‘Global education in exact sciences’ attended by 30 teachers was also organised and conducted. Furthermore, a website was designed, where educational resources prepared as part of the project have been made available.

The project was a part of an undertaking carried out simultaneously in four countries: Poland, the UK, Italy and Cyprus.