Polska pomoc


"Let us appreciate we live in Poland" - global education and awereness in Warsaw's public transportation: subway and busses

The project was motivated by a conclusion that awareness-raising campaigns in the field of global education, though often directed to broad general public, reach only people interested in these matters.

The project was intended to make the Polish society aware of the existence of development inequalities in the world and the need to grant developing countries adequate assistance. In particular, the difference between the standard of living in Poland and in poorer countries with emphasis on the situation of our eastern neighbours was highlighted.

The awareness-raising campaign comprised 60 spots. Each of them was displayed at least 32,000 times a day in all vehicles taking part in the campaign. The campaign continued for 12 weeks and was carried out in about 250 vehicles of the Warsaw public transport. Due to the fact that educational materials were displayed in buses and subway, the project's target group were mainly children, teenagers, teachers, students and university teachers, as well as working age population (25–60 years). Considering the number of used screens, it can be assumed that the campaign reached vast majority of the inhabitants of the Warsaw metropolitan area comprising 2.5 million people. Its indirect result consisted in broadening the knowledge of people who visited the websites connected with the campaign.