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Let’s fix the fashion! – information and education campaign on sustainable production and consumption of clothes and shoes

The project concerns one of the key developmental challenges in the Global South countries: violation of human rights and environmental standards in production. The focus is placed on problems of the garment and shoe industry: violation of human rights (e.g. starvation wages, persecution of worker activists, non-compliance with the health and safety rules) as well as environmental contamination with harmful chemical substances. Consumer awareness in this field continues to be inadequate. The project will contribute to better awareness and will also promote concrete solutions: postulates of changes addressed to fashion firms; Fairtrade product certification; promotion of responsible production forms and alternative consumer behaviour (sharing, remaking, repairing etc.).

Important reasoning for the project is the necessity to respond to the growing trend in Poland of mass sales on Black Friday. Through the project’s activities there will be reflection on over-consumption and its consequences for the populations of the Global South.

The project is a continuation of the educational activities and campaigns for responsible fashion conducted by the Foundation’s team for over a decade, which have reached up to several million Polish consumers.

Let’s fix the fashion! – information and education campaign on sustainable production and consumption of clothes and shoes

The Let’s Fix the Fashion! project is an information and educational campaign for sustainable production and consumption of clothing and shoes, addressed to Polish consumers, particularly young people, journalists and NGOs. The aim of the project is to improve the living and working conditions of people employed in production of clothing and shoes in the Global South countries, by strengthening the awareness of Polish consumers and engaging them in the campaign for sustainable production and consumption.

The basis for the planned activities is the findings of the newest studies on social and environmental problems in the supply chains of the garment and shoe industry as well as obtained information from the representatives of the major shoe companies and workers in the production countries. With greater awareness, the beneficiaries will be able to support campaign activities particularly when these are conducted online and therefore are accessible in the whole country. The project’s authors plan to educate young consumers and involve them during public events. This will be possible with interesting educational and information material, engaging formats of events and intensive as well as attractive communication conducted in social and traditional media.

The project is largely based on the involvement of social as well as traditional media. Therefore, intense cooperation is expected to take place with journalists. The anticipated outcome will be various kinds of publications. Through its activities, the project is expected to reach more than 400,000 people.

Let’s fix the fashion! – information and education campaign on sustainable production and consumption of clothes and shoes

Foundations information stand at the OFF Festival in Katowice

In early August 2018, the Buy Responsibly Foundation carried out an educational campaign during the OFF Festival in Katowice. At the stand organised by the Foundation, the festival guests (adults and young people) were able to learn where and in what conditions the clothing and shoes bought by them are made.

At the stands, the brochure Let’s Fix the Fashion! and an educational game dealing with responsible production and consumption were presented. An important element was the talks with the young festival guests. The young people were able to learn what can be done to solve the problems related to the production of objects of daily use.

About 500 people took part in the campaign. The game was played by about 200 people. About 100 people picked up the Let’s Fix the Fashion! brochure.

Another campaign of this kind took place at the Slow Fashion fair in Warsaw (6-7 October). At the Foundation's stand, the visitors (mostly young people) could find out where and in what conditions clothes and shoes they buy are made and what social and environmental concerns their production entails. The visitors could also learn how to inspire change in the clothes industry. One of the event's highlights was a quiz about cotton production and responsible consumption.

The stand attracted around 500 visitors, while approximately 200 received the brochure “Let's Fix the Fashion.”