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Learn and teach – improving education system by organizing an English lessons for teachers working in local school

Madagascar is an island that lies at the south-eastern coast of Africa. It is also a country that belongs to the top ten poorest countries of the world. Thorough education is the first and foremost condition of improving the living situation of its residents.

Knowing foreign languages is a great opportunity to create an environment that is friendly for foreign investors and tourists. The number of tourists has been growing with each year. It is due to the progressing stabilization of political situation and undeniable and unique on a global scale natural values of the Red Island.

Many Malagasy people see their future in the tourism sector, so holding an English language course for teachers of the Saint Joseph College, the biggest school in the Analamanga region, who will later influence and teach over one thousand student every year, responds to the needs mentioned above and to the social expectations. Moreover, this course will help improve vocational qualifications of teachers, beneficiaries of assistance, which will have a positive impact on their situation on the labour market.

The project continues the classes that have been held since the beginning of 2014 for English teachers of the said school in order to improve their linguistic skills.

Learn and teach – improving education system by organizing an English lessons for teachers working in local school

The project will be implemented between 28 September 2014 and 31 December 2014 in Ambohidratrimo city (Analamanga region) in Madagascar. A volunteer will conduct project activities between 30 September 2014 and 31 December 2014. The project does not include an educational initiative.

Ankizy Gasy (Children of Madagascar) Foundation is the project's contractor (sending organisation). Host organisation is a branch of Ankizy Gasy (Children of Madagascar) Foundation branch in Madagascar. Saint Joseph College is the local partner in Madagascar, within which a linguistic course conducted for teachers working at the school.

The projects responds to the problem of low level of professional qualifications of teachers and of lack of knowledge of foreign languages of Malagasy people. Ensuring rudimentary knowledge of the English language to all teachers of the largest primary school in the region (including to two teachers of that language – intermediate knowledge) will result not only in improving professional qualifications of direct project beneficiaries, but it will also make it possible for them to transfer their newly acquired knowledge to approx. a thousand of pupils. It is of particular significance in the case of English language teachers, as their level of linguistic skills does not allow them to educate their pupils in an optimal way. The project is to involve 37 people – 28 women and 9 men.

The project implements priority 10 – education and professional and social activation.

Learn and teach – improving education system by organizing an English lessons for teachers working in local school

Within the framework of the project volunteer carried out a course of English for 23 teachers from the biggest school in Ambohidratrimo district. At the end of the course, volunteer carried out tests checking the knowledge of the language and on their basis, he established that three teachers had mastered English on A1 level, and 16 on A2 level. Whereas two teachers, who teach 1,036 students of Saint Joseph’s College English, have advanced from A2 to B1 level. Their result has a significant meaning for future development of teaching English amongst young people, on whom they have direct influence.