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Kamunikat.org - internet library


The KAMUNIKAT.org project was conceived eight years ago. The KAMUNIKAT.org library managed to establish partnerships with several publishers of Belarusian literature, magazines and Belarusian authors residing in different parts of Europe and North America (including Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia and the USA). Today the website offers more than 1200 items - books and magazines (in electronic format) in the Belarusian language or regarding Belarusian issues.

Thanks to the financial support within the Polish Aid programme 2007 administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, KAMUNIKAT.org turned into state-of-the-art internet library with a catalogue, browser, RSS channels and a top list of various publications and media. The website also offers the opportunity to listen to the Radio Białystok station presenting different shows in mp3 format on Belarusian literature, periodicals and many other aspects of Belarusian culture. The website KAMUNIKAT.org is visited daily by 800 to 1,000 people.

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