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Jamhuri ya Afya - Republic of Health. Voluntary service in the Cottolengo hospital in Chaaria, Kenya


The project was implemented between 1 June and 31 December 2011 in Chaaria (Kenya), and counted with participation of one volunteer, who stayed there from 28 June to 28 September. The coordinator of the project was the Global Solidarity Association, and the local partner was the Volunteer Missionary Association Cottolengo.

The aim of the volunteering medical work in the Cottolengo hospital, everyday medical care, assisting with procedures and operations, and educational activities.

Among the main aims of the project was increasing the number of conducted medical procedures and admitted patients, reducing the incidence of common diseases, and educational lectures about preventing HIV/AIDS, malaria, HBV, HCV, asthma and dermatological diseases.

As part of the everyday medical care, the volunteer was responsible for monitoring the therapy of 60 patients. In total, the medical care was provided to approx. 500 patients,  and 40 attended educational lectures. Moreover, during the project, the volunteer visited twice a health clinic in a nearby village of Mukothima.

As part of the educational component (a global education initiative of the volunteer after her return to Poland), the volunteer organised 4 meetings attended in total by approx. 130 people: for young people in the Volunteering Centre in Lublin, for medical staff of the MI Hospital in Kielce, and members of the catholic parish of Church of Divine Mercy in Kielce. Moreover, she participated in 2 programmes on the radio (Radio Kielce and Radio eR in Lublin), promoting volunteering and talking about African reality. Additionally, such information is available at: www.solidarity.com.pl and www.africa.solidarity.com.pl.