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J. Stiglitz on Poles: You are rich

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize laureate in economics and a great advocate of sustainable globalisation that will facilitate the development of both the North and the South, appeals to Poles to accept more responsibility for poorer countries.

In his article published in a major Polish daily newspaper „Dziennik" (February 21, 2007) Stiglitz suggests that we take a look at Poland's situation from the global perspective. In his view, while evaluating their material status, Polish people should not only compare themselves with the countries of Western Europe but also with Poland's eastern neighbours.

Stiglitz underlines the giant step forward that Poland has taken. The proof of this progress is our country's presence among the world's most developed countries (the European Union, OECD, World Trade Organisation) and our leadership in transformation processes. The Nobel Prize winner claims that owing to the recent status shift from a developing to a developed country, Poland can relate to problems of poorer countries much better than, say, the United States. Pointing at China's consistent and increasing assistance to African countries, Stiglitz argues that it is not only the rich who are able to provide aid, and that we should learn to share the wealth we have accumulated.

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