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Invitation to use new version of “Polish Aid” website

Ladies and Gentlemen,

June 2006 saw the launch of a website dedicated to Poland’s development cooperation. At the time, it was still a young but rapidly developing field of Polish foreign policy. What had made us take up this form of international cooperation was not only our EU membership, but also a deep belief that it was high time for Poland to move on from being an aid beneficiary to becoming its donor.

Today, looking back on a decade of experience and in the knowledge that Polish development assistance enjoys the trust of our partners and beneficiaries, as well as high approval ratings of the public, we are unveiling a new version of the website. We want this portal to provide you with topical information, enable you to take part in our calls for proposals, and give you a channel of direct communication with the team of the MFA Department of Development Cooperation.

We strongly encourage you to visit our site on a regular basis, and we look forward to any suggestions you may have about the way it should develop in the future.

Tomasz Orłowski
Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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