Polska pomoc

Invitation for Polish Embassies to submit project applications.

The invitation directed to Polish embassies
to submit project applications to implement assistance projects within Polish aid programme 2007 administered by the MFA of the Republic of Poland"

1. Within the Polish aid programme 2007 Polish embassies may submit and implement assistance projects for the countries covered by foreign assistance.
2. Financial assistance devoted to the implementation of the projects is defined in the Polish aid programme 2007. The funds are sourced from state budget's targeted reserve, item 43.
3. Projects must be submitted via our on-line application form.
In order to submit the application the applying entity has to:
a. Register the entity as User of www.polskapomoc.gov.pl REGISTER AS USER (if the entity has not registered before and does not have a valid login and password).

After registration the entity will receive its login and password which will be necessary to fill in the on-line application form. One login and one password are sufficient to fill in and submit several forms.
b. Fill in our on-line application form.
c. Send one signed print-out of the form (project proposal) along with the required attachments at the following address:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Development Co-operation Department
Al. J. Ch. Szucha 23, 00-580 Warszawa

4. All accepted projects are to be implemented by 2007-12-31.
5. Substantial and financial evaluation of the projects will be carried out by Development Co-operation Department in collaboration with the appropriate territorial departments of the MFA.
6. Projects shall be approved according to their submission order and until all funds for embassies/consulates (as specified in the Programme) are exhausted.
Due to limitations associated with targeted reserve spending, the deadline for applications is 2007-08-31.
7. Prior to project preparation please read the Programme, Guidelines for Polish embassies as well as Instructions for the on-line form (the Polish language version of the documents can be accessed on our website www.polskapomoc.gov.pl ).
8. The Application Form (in Microsoft Word format, both in Polish and in English) can be made available to entities with no access to the Internet.

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