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Integral physical therapy of community health center and caring work in common room in Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

The project was implemented between 12 June and 31 December 2013 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, and was carried out by two volunteers who stayed there from 5 September to 31 December. The coordinator of the project was Wroclaw branch of Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service -Youth for the World, and the local partner was Servants Missionary Congregation of the Holy Spirit.

The project aimed to support the activities of the centre and its workers through comprehensive rehabilitation of the patients living in the parish, and providing care and animating work in the day club for children and youth. Another element of the project was individual therapy and physical activities.

The volunteers worked in the Rehabilitation Centre in Santa Cruz, where they conducted approx. 500 hours of physiotherapy, 500 hours of therapeutic activities, 80 hours of physical activities, and 500 hours of education of the children attending the centre and their families. In total, 43 patients were provided with rehabilitation assistance. In addition, 150 hours of various development activities were organised in the day club, attended by a total of 38 people.

As a result, the quality of life of the beneficiaries and their families was improved. Their health improved as well, and the number of complications related to diseases and disabilities was reduced. A part of the participants who had benefited from the offered assistance was able to return to social and professional life thanks to positive results of the volunteers’ treatment.