Polska pomoc

Information summarizing call for proposals for tasks within the scope of Polish foreign assistance and international development co-operation

It was the first such large-scale call for proposals organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry had only 1 month to check and verify all submitted projects. Given the fact that each of them was read by two independent experts, and next discussed by all members of the territorial committee, the process of application evaluation was very effective. An independent observer from the non-governmental organizations sector participated in the evaluation, in order to assure the transparency of project selection. This independent observer was designated by the Council for Co-operation with NGOs, working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We were very disappointed to note that many projects followed the traditional scheme (training – seminar – conference – project publication). In some cases it was clear that the projects were developed in Poland without the participation of a local partner, and the knowledge of the situation of the recipient country was very low – such projects were unmatched to the actual needs. We are aware that the current legal, organizational and financial conditions are very difficult. Contrary to numerous other organizations which allocate subsidies in call for proposals, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not require the participants to present their obligatory contribution, which was meant to facilitate the participation of small or local NGOs in the assistance activities.

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