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Information on local administration projects in the field of foreign assistance in 2006

This year local administration for the first time has been invited to submit project applications for implementation of activities in the realm of development assistance programme.

In this way the number of entities that implement Polish development assistance projects has been broadened.

Fourteen applications have been submitted within the deadline fixed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The total value of he projects presented by the local administration has amounted to PLN 1 159 227.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was expecting projects that deal with the development assistance and international development co-operation activities in the following countries:

Afghanistan, Angola, Belarus, Georgia, Iraq, Moldova, Ukraine, Vietnam, Russian Federation, Central Asia and South Caucasian countries, Balkan countries.

Priority sectors of assistance in the above-mentioned counties and regions have been presented to local administration bodies by the ministry.

The scope of assistance activities aimed at the above-mentioned countries included among others, institutional support for local and central administration, support for cross-border co-operation and regional partnerships, support for economic transformation process, and assistance in sectors like agriculture, environmental protection and others.

Submitted applications deal with activities undertaken to the benefit of three countries: Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation.

As many as 12 applications submitted by local administration bodies have been aimed at activities in the field of foreign assistance in Ukraine. There has been one proposal concerning activities to be undertaken in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and one, dealing with Kaliningrad Region in Russian Federation. No applications (individual or for a group of countries) have been submitted for the following countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Belarus, Georgia, Iraq, Moldova, Vietnam, Balkan countries.

Limited geographical scope of the applications submitted by the local administration bodies can be due to their début in the field of foreign assistance project preparation. The fact that the majority of proposals deal with Ukraine is surely caused by territorial proximity of this recipient country, and more or less exact knowledge of the needs of this neighbouring country, and also the existing experience of local administration bodies in activities and relation with our Ukrainian partners. The vast majority of applicants will be implementing their projects in administrative districts, cities and regions with which they have long-lasting co-operation.

List of countries


Twelve projects were submitted and their total value amounted to PLN 920 842. The presented projects were devoted to such topics as support for local administration, regional development, cross-border co-operation, the agricultural sector and economic transformation process. Two projects pertaining to this group of applications dealt with economic missions in Ukraine.

Nine projects have been approved for further implementation. They regard local administration strengthening and support aimed at various fields of activities like regional development, co-operation among local administration bodies, cross-border co-operation, economic transformation process and the agricultural sector, as well as support for the process of integration with the European structures.  


Title of the Project

The City of Warsaw

Co-operation on the local administration level as a factor contributing to local democracy development and civil society building in the partner cities of East Europe.

Office of The Marshall of Małopolskie Voivodeship

Investment potential development in the Lvov region - study visit and publishing of a multimedia presentation entitled "Investment offer of the City of Lvov"

Office of The Marshall of Małopolskie Voivodeship, Department of Environment and Rural Development

Support for agricultural sector through infrastructure development in rural areas.

The City of Lodz Office - Promotion, Tourism & International Cooperation Department

Partnership for Democracy

Office of The Marshall of Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, Department of International and European Regional Co-operation

Lower Silesian and Ukrainian local administration meetings

Office of The Marshall of Pomorskie Voivodeship

Support for institutional capacity-building of the civil servants of the administration bodies of the Odessa region in the field of preparing and implementing cross-border co-operation projects, achieved through an on-the-job training in Office of The Marshall of Pomorskie Voivodeship

Office of The Marshall of Lubuskie Voivodeship

Local administration of the XXI century. Interchanging of experiences between Lubuskie Voivodeship and Odessa region.

Poviat Statrosty in Lubaczów

Cross-border co-operation in the field of posture defects prophylaxis in children in the region of Jaworiw.

Poviat Starosty in Słupca

Poland-Ukraine. Common Past- Common Future

Central Asia and South Caucasus - Kyrgyzstan

One project application of a total amount of PLN 195 510 has been submitted. The project deals with the sector of environmental protection, namely with the implementation of a partnership programme supporting sustainable energetic development (Climate Manu Programme), and the ecological policy development of local administration.

Approved projects vs. the scope of assistance



Title of the PRoject

Gmina Office of Raciechowice

A model local partnership for a sustainable development in the enegry sector.


Russian Federation - Kaliningrad Region

One project application amounting a total value of PLN 42 875 has been submitted. It dealt with the organisation of an economic mission in the Kaliningrad Region.


The above-mentioned project has not been approved for further implementation due to the lack of fulfilment of the development assistance activities criteria, stipulated in the Polish development assistance programme.
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