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Information, networking and fundraising as a key to trade to better trade justice and food sovereignty in Uganda

In the time period between June 11th and December 31st Institute of Global Responsibility in cooperation with the Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) executed a project addressed to Ugandan public administration, social organisations, farmers, and local communities.

The objective of the project was, inter alia, reduction of poverty in Uganda by strengthening the potential of partner organisation: SEATINI, in order for it to work more effectively for the benefit of fair trade – through better information policy, networking, and more effective fundraising. Thus, the project contributed to the achievement of the first Millennium Development Goal “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger”. The project also contributed to the implementation of the eight Millennium Development Goals “building a global partnership for benefit of development through strengthening the potential of organisations representing the inhabitants of Uganda to better communicate their opinions and needs. Although the direct beneficiary of the project was SEATINI, it contributed to the improvement of the position of people of Uganda, who were the target group for the organisation.

The project assumed a limited amount of activities on the field, most of the work was carried out by the volunteer in the office of host organisations in Kampala, in constant cooperation with the SEATINI team or its partner organisations.

As a part of activities in Uganda a number of projects were created: 2 electronic publications (a newsletter that reaches to approximately 500 recipients in Europe), 3 strategic documents for SEATINI, 3 project applications, 1 online tool (organisation’s profile on social network site – Facebook). Moreover, a partnership with an American organisation with a transatlantic business profile - German Marshal Fund – has been established and confirmed.

As a part of the educational initiative a website concerning food sovereignty (www.silnepoludnie.pl) was designed, a publication consisting of 4 lesson scripts in compliance with the core curriculum was created and published with a circulation of 1 000 copies, as well as other educational materials: one set of 30 photographs from Global South in A4 format and one informational board concerning Global South in 1 m x 1,5 m format.