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Include us - Intercultural social activities in order to equalize educational possiblities of children of foreigners


The project was implemented between 15 June and 31 December 2012 in Cordoba (Argentina), and counted with participation of one volunteer who stayed there from 10 September to 30 December 2012. The coordinator of the project was the Foundation "Polish Migration Forum”, and the local partner was the Union of Immigrant Communities in Cordoba.

The project aimed at increasing educational opportunities of foreign children living in Cordoba by strengthening attitudes of openness and respect towards people from different cultures, and encouraging Argentinian children and parents to act together and enjoy the potential of cultural diversity.

The main element of the project was animation, social and cultural work of the volunteer with migrant children and their parents, and with Argentinians, through organising activities and open meetings, classes and methodological workshops. The educational part of the project was making a film “Include us: on a situation of foreign children in Argentina in Poland”, and updating a blog on the website of the local partner.

Completed activities allowed to identify needs of foreign children and their parents, creating relationships and cooperation between migrants and Argentinians through building intercultural dialogue.

As part of the activities, the volunteer carried out a total of 11 classes for foreign children and parents, 11 open meetings for Argentinian families and migrants, 5 methodological workshops for teachers, culture animators and NGO representatives, and 2 workshops for university and police academy students. She also prepared four workshop scenarios.

As part of the global education initiative, the volunteer updated the local partner’s blog: she published there 5 articles describing the project activities. Moreover, after her return, 200 copies of DVD with the film “Include us – on a situation of foreign children in Argentina and Poland” in Polish version (150 copies) and Spanish version (50 copies), were published and distributed among the organisations and institutions in Poland and Argentina. The film was shown online at: www.kulturyswiata.org, www.forumimigracyjne.org, www.refugee.pl, www.tolerancja.pl, www.ngo.pl.