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In the shadow of volcanos - educational activities at school and local community of San Mateo Ozolco in Mexico - continuation

In the time period between June 15th and December 31st 2010 Beyond the Scheme Foundation – Organisation promoting Eco clubs in cooperation with Friends of Ozolco – executed a project aiming to strengthen the understanding of the idea of sustainable development among students of San Mateo Ozolco high school in Mexico and animating activities in the local community to promote sustainable development. Location of the project, San Mateo Ozolco, is a small village, with a population of about 3 000 inhabitants, in state of Puebla (municipality of San Andre de Calpan). The project reached directly to 100 students of local the high school, 20 children in ages 5 to 12, 15 members of Eco club operating in the aforementioned high school , as well as approximately 2500 inhabitants of San Mateo Ozolco and approximately 250 Polish people (teachers, representatives of NGO organisations, youths).

The project referred directly to Millennium Development Goals – goal 7. Integrating the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes, reversing the loss of environmental resources. Furthermore, general aims of the project were: increasing the knowledge about waste segregation and recycling among high school students and children participating in the summer classes; increasing the knowledge about waste segregation and recycling among local community of San Mateo Ozolco; promotion of the products made by San Mateo Ozolco community among inhabitants of the state of Puebla; increasing abilities of waste management among students of San Mateo Ozolco high school, as well as carrying out informational and educational activities concerning the situation of people living in small towns in Mexico in Poland.

Aforementioned aims were reached through: conducting workshops concerning sustainable development in San Mateo Ozolco high school, implementation of waste segregation system in the school, organisation of a summer course for children, implementation of 3 mini-projects with students (painting the school with murals, creating a video recording, and a photographical project called “Lottery”), activities promoting sustainable development in San Mateo Ozolco in cooperation with Eco club, organisation of a social campaign: cleaning the village, organisation of the action: do not use plastic bags.

During the project an on-going evaluation consisting of cyclical meetings of the volunteer and representatives of host organisations took place, and in the middle of the project a partial mid-term evaluation was held.