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Improvement of the operational efficiency of the volunteer fire department in the territory of Vyzhnytsia Raion

A considerable portion of the Vyzhnytsia Raion is made up of mountain areas that are hard to reach and have a network of poor, often unpaved roads that are vulnerable to weather conditions.

Residents of this area suffer from various disasters, such as flooding and flash floods when the mountain rivers overflow. However, the most frequent disasters are fires. The wooden houses burn easily and it can take a long time before the fire brigade arrives or it may not arrive due to the state of the roads. Many fires are not extinguished on time, the houses are completely burned down, while the fire spreads to adjacent houses.

In this raion there are 12 volunteer firefighters. They take part in extinguishing forest fires with spades. The teams of volunteer firefighters and the public firefighting services of the Local Fire Protection are not very effective, due to the lack of professional training and equipment. Cooperation between the state services and the volunteer teams is also poor.

The long wait for help is a problem, along with the lack of trained and well equipped local forces. In the case of fires, road accidents and floods, it is not possible to obtain fast professional medical help. The volunteers, public firefighting services and even professional firefighters lack appropriate equipment and skills.

Improvement of the operational efficiency of the volunteer fire department in the territory of Vyzhnytsia Raion

By raising the effectiveness of the public activities of the fire services, the project will help improve public safety of the residents of the Vyzhnytsia Raion. The project assumptions comply with the course of reform of the crisis management system, approved by the Government of Ukraine on 25 January 2017.

The project will begin with a study visit of decision-making persons – representatives of local government and the fire services from the Vyzhnytsia Raion to Poland. The guests will become acquainted with the operation of the Polish public safety system, observe various examples and meet with potential partners.

The Local Fire Protection (LFP) centre in the village of Ispas will be supplied with a firefighting set – a light pickup truck with four-wheel drive, and with the basic equipment, chosen in accordance with the local conditions, needs and possibilities. The firefighters will be trained in how to use the new equipment.

The headquarters of the LFP in Ispas will be renovated, which will ensure not only safe storage of equipment, but will also improve the comfort of work of the firefighters and will enable the LFP to perform social functions. Firefighters from the Vyzhnytsia Raion (75 persons) will be trained in first aid. They will receive 12 rescue bag sets. The project will end with comprehensive exercises in which volunteer as well as state rescue services will be involved, with the participation of 80 persons. These will not only help raise the skills of the individual rescue formations but will above all contribute to improving cooperation between them and the quality of complex operations.

Improvement of the operational efficiency of the volunteer fire department in the territory of Vyzhnytsia Raion

The project will bring the following results:

  1. six decision-making persons from the Vyzhnytsia Raion will learn about the operation of a voluntary fire service and the cooperation of the Polish Volunteer Fire Service with other services;
  2. the Local Fire Protection (LFP) in Ispas will receive a light fire engine together with complete equipment;
  3. the LFP house in Ispas will be renovated;
  4. 75 persons will be trained in first aid;
  5. 12 first aid sets will be received by the Local Fire Protection and the volunteer teams;
  6. the administration of the town of Vyzhnytsia will receive one Phantom for exercises;
  7. 80 employees and volunteers of crisis management services will acquire new skills and competences through participation in joint comprehensive exercises.