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Humanitarian aid for the internally displaced persons in the Kharkiv Oblast in Ukraine

Within the framework of joined project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Headquarters of the State Fire Service and three NGOs – Caritas Poland, Polish Red Cross and the Polish Centre for International Aid in December 2014 joined transport with in-kind aid to Kharkiv region in Ukraine was organized.

Project prepared by Polish Red Cross in cooperation with Ukraine Red Cross, was focused on providing support for the most needing internally displaced refugees in the region of Kharkiv in Ukraine. The purpose of actions made within the framework of the project,  was to deliver 5 000 packages containing hygienic products, from which 2 000 packages were intended for adults and 3 000 packages for children. In the first order, programme was directed to families that fulfill appropriate criteria such as families with many children, families taking care of sick or disabled members or single mothers taking care of the family.