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Humanitarian aid for refugees from the eastern regions of Ukraine

The transport with humanitarian aid for the Zaporizhia Oblast and the city of Mariupol in Ukraine was jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Headquarters Of The State Fire Service and three non-governmental organizations - Caritas Poland, Polish Red Cross, the Polish Centre for International Aid and the Order of Malta Poland in June 2015.

The transport consisted of 150 tons of the most essential products, such as food, hygiene products, including baby kits, school supplies for children with the aim of starting the school year after the summer holidays, sleeping bags, blankets, camp-beds, as well as dressings and most essential medicines.

Humanitarian aid for refugees from the eastern regions of Ukraine

The project carried out by the Polish Association of Knights of Malta, Malta Medical Service – Charitable Organisation Caritas Zaporizhia and Maltese Cross Corps concentrated on supporting refugees and victims from military operating areas in the eastern oblasts of Ukraine and in securing their basic needs of food as well as children’s hygiene and food needs.

Humanitarian aid for refugees from the eastern regions of Ukraine

All the expected project results have been achieved. 23 140.53 kg of food and hygienic products valued at 260 576.33 PLN were supplied for distribution in Ukraine. In accordance with the project, these products have been sent to two locations: 1) Zaporozhye - shipping arranged by the State Fire Brigade - 15 406.13 kg of products and 2) Mariupol - shipping arranged by the Maltese Charity Service - 7734.40 kilograms of products.

Provided assistance allowed the local partners of the contractor of the project, i.e. Caritas Zaporozhye and Maltese Charity Service, for preparation and distribution among refugees 1 000 food packages (200 more than was originally assumed), 500 hygienic packages and 500 infant packages in Zaporozhye and Zaporizhzhia Oblast and the distribution of 260 hygienic packages and 260 infant packages among refugees in Mariupol (250 people received packages, double packages were issued to 10 families in a particularly difficult situation).

In addition, Maltese Charity Service in its kitchen in Mariupol prepared and issued 12 000 hot meals to refugees. Food products which were the equivalent of 400 food packages as well as products derived locally by project contractor’s  partner have been used to prepare meals.

The long-term result of the project is establishing contacts with Caritas Zaporozhye, which is well managed and has the capability of distributing aid among the refugees.

In addition the contractor of the project gained valuable experience in conducting humanitarian operations in Ukraine, including establishing beneficial contacts with a large supplier of basic necessities.