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HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival

Education on global issues through a series of meetings, educational events and documentary films on events in the world are a practical and effective method of transferring knowledge. Global development cinema shows during the HumanDOC festival is to help Polish viewers understand the situation in the developing countries in the broader context, learn about the needs of the people of these countries, improve awareness and show how global issues influence everyday life of people. The festival reaches out to a wide group of beneficiaries with various levels of knowledge.

The festival is addressed to those who are interested in international affairs and global problems as well as those for whom this will be the first contact with such subjects. The festival plays the role of a regular event that affects its addressees by improving their knowledge and the awareness of Poles on global development and the Polish involvement in development cooperation.

HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival

The HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival is a three-module educational project that combines cinema of the highest world standard with reflection on global issues. The festival is accompanied by educational events that deal with the topics presented in the films: a show of the public campaigns, meetings with authors of films, topical workshops, an exhibition and competitions.

The festival consists of events in Warsaw and in many other towns, preceded by a promotion and information campaign. In Warsaw, the place of the project is Kinoteka at the Palace of Culture and Science and the Old Town House of Culture (film showings, meetings with guests and discussion panels). Local editions of the festival with accompanying educational events were planned in several dozen towns. In addition, through the national film platform VOD.pl (online film showings), the most interesting proposals of this year’s edition of the festival will be accessible for viewers throughout Poland.

In each successive year of the project, there will be an increase in the number and/or length of films online and the number of towns included in the project. In the first year (Module I) the organisers planned to organise the festival in 10 selected towns and in the third year in as many as 25. At VOD.pl, in Module I about eight selected films will be presented. In Module II, apart from the film exposition, the three best films from Module I will be added to the portal for good. In the third year of the project, the permanent offer will be expanded to include five more films from Module II and III. Upon the completion of the project, viewers from all of Poland will have free access to eight films presenting various global education issues.

The film platform is not the only place online where project activities will be developed. They will also be present in the social media, e.g. on YouTube where a festival channel will appear with: transmissions from the festival’s educational events such as discussion panels, interviews with festival guests or announcements of films.

HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival

The aim of the project is continuous development and expansion of public awareness in Poland on SDGs, global development interdependencies, inequalities between countries, the idea of carrying aid and Poland’s engagement in development cooperation, the creation of a discussion platform in which viewers, experts, film-makers, journalists and travellers can meet. The project is to make beneficiaries sensitive to the situation in the Global South countries and to activate them.