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"Huduma ya Kwanza" Volunteer First Aid and Health Education for the citizens of Kiabakari and Kukirango community.

The project was implemented between 18 June and 31 December 2012 in Kiabakari and the province of Kukirango in Tanzania, and counted with participation of two volunteers who stayed there from 1 July to 25 December 2012. The coordinator of the project was the Kiabakari Foundation, and the local partner was the Kiabakari Catholic Parish, Diocese of Musoma.

The project aimed at improving health condition of the beneficiaries of the project: residents of Kukirango province.

As part of the project, the volunteers worked in the health centre, carried out first aid trainings for teachers, students and local residents, and conducted educational activities with children covering healthy eating habits and first aid. 300 copies of brochures on first aid were published and distributed among the project beneficiaries. All schools of the province were supplied with first aid kits.

Throughout the duration of the project, the volunteers attended 30-40 patients daily in the health centre. They also worked in the walk-in clinic, gave out medicines and helped with updating medical documentation.

As a result of the project, the health condition of Kukirango residents improved, and their knowledge about health related issues increased noticeably. 164 teachers working in 12 state schools and Kiabakari Mission’s school and kindergarten were trained. 7,000 students received training as well.

To conclude the project, the volunteers organised a health and first aid fair, and made a film presenting all the project activities.