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How to Share Transformation Experiences

How to Share Transformation Experiences[1]

The panellists suggested differentiating between the terms transformation and transition. Transformation is a deliberate activity and not simply a process, and should therefore enter the vocabulary of development cooperation. Development assistance tends to focus on individual sectors. The panel discussed effective ways of supporting multi-tiered transformation processes. The discussions were conducted by two groups of experts:
- politicians with many years' experience in implementing transformation processes;
- young transformation leaders - representatives of the Transformation Thinkers (international network of people engaged in change).

Speaking of certain elements universal to successful transformation, former Polish Prime Minister J. K. Bielecki noted that economic changes must go hand in hand with political changes. Finding ways of cooperating with different interest groups is key.

In the opinion of President Otunbayeva, the most difficult issue in terms of the Kyrgyzstan transformation was instilling unity among the opposition.

U. Vialichka said that no transformation is worthwhile if it is founded on phoney - or "façade" - institutions (courts, parliament). Deeper changes must occur if civil society is to thrive.


[1] Organizers: Bertelsmann Foundation, German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Polish Presidency. Panellists: Christoph Beier (Managing Director, GIZ), Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, Leonard McCarthy (World Bank), Roza Isakovna Otunbayeva (former President of Kyrgyzstan), Maciej Popowski (EEAS), Allen Asiimwe (Director of AVID Development, Uganda), Dr Ibrahim Hegazy (American University, Egypt), Dane Taleski (Macedonia) and Ulad Vialichka (EUROBELARUS). Moderator: Josef Janning (European Policy Centre).

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