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Health promotion in Arunachal Pradesh (India) - continuation

Arunachal Pradesh is the easternmost state of the country inhabited by tribe population. It is estimated that residents of Arunachal use approx. 90 different language. For geographical and historic reasons, the region stayed isolated from the main part of the Indian subcontinent. The access to the state remains limited and requires a special permission (even for Indian citizens). The tribe population is the disadvantaged part of the Indian society. In the past, it was excluded from the case system which still reflects in a worse social standing of the groups. Residents of the northern and eastern part of India are additionally exposed to discrimination on the ground of racism. Approx. 34% of the population of Arunachal live below the poverty line. The rate of illiteracy in Arunachal is 27% for men and 41% for women (as of 2011).

The lack of access to basic medical care is a significant problem for residents of Arunachal Pradesh. The project under the Polish Aid Volunteering Programme 2014, which preceded this project, was performed in the period from July until December 2014. The project focused on the educational programme with regard to the prevention of the most common diseases.

Health promotion in Arunachal Pradesh (India) - continuation

The project will be performed in the period from 20 July until 31 December 2015. In the period from 15 September until 21 December 2015, volunteers will stay in the Region of Arunachal Pradesh (India). The organization sending volunteers is the Polish Medical Mission Association, while the organization Seva Kendra Arunachal East is its local partner.

The performance of the project is directly aimed at increasing the health awareness of residents of Arunachal and strengthening the activity of Seva Kedra.

Beneficiaries of the project will be residents of the eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. This is one of the poorest state of the Republic of India. The rate of illiteracy or the number of people living on less than USD 1 a day are much higher than in the remaining part of India. Residents of the region are mainly members of tribes that are discriminated in the caste society and face racism in the central part of the country. Due to the impossibility to use professional health care, residents grapple with multiple health problems.

The project falls under Priority 16 - Health care.

Health promotion in Arunachal Pradesh (India) - continuation

The project was performed in the period from 20 July until 31 December 2015. Two female volunteers, i.e. a nurse and a paramedic, stayed in India in the period from 15 September until 21 December 2015.

The assumed results of the project were achieved. 977 residents of Arunachal participated in 16 classes conducted by female volunteers which allowed them to enrich their knowledge about first-aid and prevention of the spread of diseases. Schools whose pupils participated in trainings in first-aid received first-aid kits that will enable them to provide help in case of every-day injuries in the institutions. The preparation of an instruction film, to be used in the programme conducted by the Police in Miao at schools, will enable to include first-aid trainings in workshops taking place in Arunachal after the completion of the project.

Nurses working in Seva Kendra participated in a training focused on the conducting of classes in medical education which will enable them to conduct classes in health promotion in a better way in future.

By engaging female volunteers in the preparation and conducting of medical camps, it was possible to organize consultation points in villages in Arunachal Pradesh lacking basic medical care.