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Health education and treatment of infectious diseases in Mauritania. Continuation.

The project was implemented between 1 September and 15 December 2011 in Nouadhibou and Rosso in Mauritania, and counted with participation of volunteers, who stayed there from 10 October to 24 November 2011. The coordinator of the project was the Polish Medical Mission, and the local partner was the Catholic Parish of the Virgin of Mauretania.

The aim of the project was to provide health education in the medical centre of the Catholic Mission in Nouadhibou and Satara Dispensary, and the Centre for malnourished children in Rosso, by providing medical assistance and distributing medicines. The project’s beneficiaries were the native residents of the region and immigrants living in Mauretania.

The main component of the project was health education about hygiene and tropical diseases, and conducting basic tests (weight, BMI, height, blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels). Moreover, for statistical purposes, they collected data about age, country of origin, number of children and chronic diseases of the patients.

In total, over the course of the project, the volunteers worked over 240 hours. During that time, they trained 130 people about preventing infectious diseases, and 42 people about first aid. 262 people benefitted from preventive activities.

As part of the global education initiative, the volunteers prepared a presentation about health problems in Mauretania, used during the meetings with students from Krakow, and during trainings of the Polish Medical Mission.