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Globally-Responsible. Educational activities for teachers and youth

The project was implemented between 1 May and 30 November 2011 in Krakow, Nowy Targ, Olkusz and its district (Trzyciąż, Klucze, Wolbrom, Bukowno), Piwniczna Zdrój and Sławków, and consisted mainly of educational trainings for teachers and students. The coordinator of the project was the ZNAK Christian Culture Foundation.

The aim of the project was to increase the number of people conscious of developmental problems of the world, global interdependences among societies and the impact of lifestyle choices on people living in developing countries.

The main components of the project were workshops for youth, trainings for teachers, publications of teaching materials, open activities and an internet quiz, organised as part of the Global Education Week 2011.

Topics of the conducted workshops for adolescents included 3 modules, consisting of a theoretical part, games and tasks for participants. Trained teachers had an opportunity to learn about global education in relation with several problematic issues (access to water, climate change, fair trade, migrations) and school subjects (social studies, history, geography, among others). The prepared publications included a comic book for youngsters and a teaching material “Globally-Responsibly. Materials for teachers”.

As part of implemented activities, a total of 120 hours of workshops were carried out for 539 students, and 45 hours of trainings for 52 teachers. Nearly 900 people participated in the open activities and an internet quiz, and 4,770 copies of a publication were printed and developed.

Additionally, a website www.etyczne.pl was created.