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Globally means together

Based on the evaluation of previously completed projects in global education, the project organisers have paid attention to the needs of the beneficiaries: development of critical thinking skills and the ability of in-depth analysis of social, economic, cultural and political phenomena in the modern world, taking into account the existence of global interdependence. These abilities are crucial for the formation of conscious citizenship, which stems from the belief that local and global outcomes can be achieved through small, daily individual choices. The project responds to this need in three dimensions: by discussing the issues at hand through values; by putting them in the perspective of the past, present, and future, and by presenting the issues of global education in the new thematic blocks.

The project Globally means together is addressed at teachers and students at the third and fourth education levels from across Poland.

The project is implemented by the “Znak” Christian Culture Foundation in cooperation with the Voivodeship Public Library in Krakow.

Globally means together

The project aims to encourage its participants to undertake mature reflection on the contemporary world and to promote their direct involvement in efforts to build global ties and work together for the common good. It will be implemented by means of: training for teachers of all education levels, including training at the basic (two series) and advanced (two series) levels; workshops for the youth, including workshops for gymnasium students (six three-period workshops) and workshops for secondary school students (six three-period workshops) that will involve a variety of teaching methods, adapted to the education level and the needs of the target group; approx. 24 events at different education levels organised by the participants at the advanced level and dedicated to their own school communities during the 2016 Global Education Week. The events will be conducted in accordance with original lesson plans prepared by the teachers based on the current core curriculum on global education.

The project activities will be summarised by the publication of a two-part educational package, where Part I (theory) will include a rundown of issues covered by both types of training for teachers; Part II (practice) will be prepared by the participants of the training sessions for teachers (advanced level) to include lesson plans developed for the project based on the current core curriculum and tested by the teachers in their schools at different educational levels during the Global Education Week in 2016.

The project’s intended outcomes include:

•             educational package for teachers and informal educators – theory and practice to inspire deeper reflection on global education among the beneficiaries;

•             providing teachers with advanced training on global education;

•             providing teachers with basic training on global education;

•             providing students at the third and fourth education levels training on global education;

•             obtaining knowledge on issues related to global education by students who participate in the events/lessons conducted by teachers in their schools during the Global Education Week;

•             project’s website with teaching materials and current information devoted to global education;

•             broadening the knowledge on global education among the recipients of the paper publication and its electronic version available on the project’s website.

Globally means together

Implementation of the “Globally means together” nationwide project allowed recipients to reflect on the problems of the modern world and to revive their direct involvement in building bonds of global solidarity and working for the common good. The main goals of the project included

  • increasing the number of teachers and students who understand the world as a complex and dynamically changing system;
  • reflection on the causes and consequences of global problems and the meaning of the global processes taking place in the contemporary world;
  • developing critical thinking skills and deep reflection on global challenges to demonstrate how the individual impacts global processes and how those global processes impact the individual;
  • improving the quality of global education activities in the school system and disseminating knowledge about global education;
  • increasing the potential of project addressees with regard to global education issues.

The immediate results of the project included

  • the writing and publication of two educational materials titled “Paths of Development,” with a combined 2,000 copies;
  • advanced training of a group of 23 teachers in the field of global education;
  • the training of 265 workshop participants (middle school and high school students) on the issues of global education;
  • the dissemination of in-depth knowledge about global interdependence, sustainable development and human rights among participants of lessons given in the course of the Global Education Week 2016, including 22 repetitions of the “Together for Peace” lessons attended by a total of about 440 people;
  • the project website, www.etyczne.pl, with teaching materials and current news on global education, which registered 1,051 views.

In order to regularly assess the achievement of the expected results, project activities were monitored on an ongoing basis in accordance with the programmed schedule.

The long-term outcome of the project was to prepare teachers and young people for the challenges humanity faces and to make them aware of the meaning of global interdependence and the diffusion of cultural, environmental, economic, social, political and technological systems. Project sustainability was ensured through the substantive support of the target groups and the development of an education package distributed to schools, social organisations, the Education Development Centre and public libraries. This package can be used by all teachers to implement the core curriculum and by informal educators engaged in the subject of global education. When stock runs out, the education package will be uploaded in PDF format to www.etyczne.pl.

Respective project activities have been adapted to the different levels of perception and needs of beneficiaries (levels of teacher training, workshops for youth, the educational package). This design allowed every participant to get involved and deepen their knowledge on global education in keeping with their capabilities; participants benefited from an independent search for sources and perceiving events and problems from a global perspective.